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STRIDE is a Center at Michigan State University designed to support and train underserved individuals with disabilities (e.g., physical, mental, neurological, intellectual, and developmental disabilities), their families, and other community stakeholders.   

Our Mission

We exist to address the unmet needs of individuals with disabilities by bridging the research and practice gaps in independence and desired employment.

  1. Offering resources and training for employment and community independence;
  2. Training future professionals and service providers through internship and practicum placements;
  3. Conducting research to improve outcomes and services;
  4. Engaging with communities to promote knowledge translation from research to practices; and
  5. Fulfilling the land-grant missions of MSU. STRIDE would benefit from financial support to enhance offerings in Service, Training, and Research.                                                                           

Our Vision

STRIDE is a Center at Michigan State University designed to be distinguished as a leader in services, training, and research by creating and providing a continuum of programs and resources for independence and desired employment.


Our Core Values

  1. Community: Engaging and collaborating in reciprocal relationships with the community
  2. Empowerment: Using a strengths-based approach to empower individuals with disabilities, their families, and the community.  
  3. Inclusivity & Accessibility: Creating systemic change to promote inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with disabilities.  
  4. Quality & Innovation: Developing and applying evidence-based practices to provide innovative and high-quality services, training, and research.

About the Logo

Each letter of the STRIDE stands for Services, Training, and Research for Independence and Desired Employment. The logo of the STRIDE includes three arrows colored green, blue, and red, symbolizing sensory disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and physical disabilities, each. 

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact our center staff at 353-4060.